Rusya Günlüklerim

A short tour by car in the streets of St. Petersburg

Same as the airport taxis, black cabs will get you there, but expect to be overcharged. Black cabs usually come out at night when there aren’t many cars on the road. The best way to avoid having to negotiate a price is by ordering a cab in advance. If you are leaving a hotel, a restaurant or a bar, there will likely be staff willing to help call a taxi or arrange for a car. If that is unavailable and you are stuck with no other options, be careful when negotiating cab fare. Make sure the price is absolutely clear, maybe even write it down so that there is no disagreement in the end.

Visiting popular cities like St Petersburg definitely has its difficulties. Firstly, you’re not the only tourist there, and secondly, the city knows that tourists are going to be a fixture. Of course, when you travel, you expect to pay a little more and sometimes get caught in large crowds at popular attractions. Still, it’s best to know what you’re up against and how to mitigate these situations. Here are a few tourist traps to avoid when visiting St Petersburg.

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